Ecstatically Engaged

While I was back in San Antonio a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking some engagement photos Savannah and Austin, and they are just so sweet and tender, I have to share them with you!

eilan san antonio engagement photos

I’ve known Savannah my whole life, well her whole life I guess, and I couldn’t be happier for her and Austin. Their smiling faces are evidence enough that these two have a beautiful and happy future ahead of them. Some of you may remember Savannah from my New York adventure not even a year ago! While on that trip, Savannah and I were able to reconnect, refresh, and renew our friendship in such a wonderful way.

I have a lot of friendships that I’ve had most of my life, I’m blessed in that sense, and I’m sure a lot of people would say that they have lifelong friendships with people. The only thing I think that may be different about some of my friendships that I’ve had for decades now, is the ability (and desire) to expand and grow that relationship beyond the playground, and my relationship with Savannah is that way. She is one of the most tender-hearted, determined, excited-about-life, people I know. Her joy, enthusiasm, and it’ll all work out attitude towards life is infectious and I’m reminded, every time I’m with her that life is a blessing. So many memories with Savannah bring a smile to my face. Giorgia, her sister and one of my very best friends, will attest that our lives were definitely more entertaining because Savannah was in it. 

When I found out Savannah and Austin were engaged, I’ll admit, I thought “Oh my!” I mean don’t get me wrong, I was so happy for her, because I know that she is going to make a beautiful bride and amazing mother, but to me, it seemed so fast! Savannah and Austin’s love story is one of the quickest I’ve ever seen. I thought to my self, because of all the reasons listed above, does he know how incredible of a person he is getting? Does he know how special she is? Could he know? It’s not that I was skeptic, I knew from the moment she called me after one of their first dates that love was in the air and that Austin was a terrific catch, I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it. If you know me, you know I’m more of a think-er than a do-er, and it takes me a while to process things, I mean you should see my amazon cart, I can’t even buy a different type of laundry detergent without thinking about it first.  Back in December when they first began dating, I asked some of my friends who knew Austin all the questions a friend would ask for a friend, and everyone I talked to sang his praises. They said the nicest and most endearing things about him, and Savannah’s almost instant connection was proof enough that he was the real deal, but it still was hard to believe that one of my dearest friends was engaged and I had never met the guy! 

la cantera engagement photos

So, when I planned my trip home for the summer, I asked Savannah if she would let me take their engagement pictures, what better way is there of getting to know someone than making them smile on command for you? Like a good friend, she said “Of course!” I was so excited I couldn’t handle the anticipation. 1. I love taking pictures, especially pictures of couples and 2. It was going to be my first opportunity to get to know Austin a little more. 

As a lot of photographers will tell you, you can tell a lot about a couple from behind the lens. Are they comfortable with each other, do they laugh together, can they make fun of each other, are they really “meant to be” so to speak.  It’s not a “true test” by any means, but it does tell you a lot about their relationship, who they are as a couple, and their chemistry so to speak. What I saw while taking pictures of Savannah and Austin that day was true, unconditional, lasting love. Frame after frame all I saw was joy and devotion wrapped in truth and affection. 

To read their full love story, check out their wedding website

eilan resort photos

Savannah and Austin asked if we could take pictures at the Eilan San Antonio and the La Cantera Resort, both situated in the beautiful Texas Hill Country area, right on the outskirts of San Antonio. It was a perfect, not-to-hot, breezy evening. The Eilan is like a little city situated at the top of a hill with shops, restaurants, and row house condos and apartments. The setting was just perfect for these two, and as a photographer, I couldn’t ask for a better range of backdrops. 

Next, we headed over to the La Cantera Resort,  arguably one of my most favorite places in San Antonio. I love the true Texas feel, the gorgeous scenery, and amazing sunsets. I was so happy that we were ending the evening here! The lighting was a dream, I can’t wait to come back here, I hope it’s soon!

If you want to see more of these two, check out

To wrap it up, I just want to say thank you to Savannah and Austin for letting me capture their love, and share it with all of you! Savannah and Austin, your love for each other is as beautiful as both of you, and I’m so thankful that you have included me in your love story. I can’t wait to celebrate the new Mr. & Mrs. Jones next month! That reminds me… I need to book our tickets! Cheers! Here’s to you two! 

san antonio engagement photos


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