It’s as easy as ABC…

This weekend I’m in San Antonio visiting friends and family! It’s so nice to be home and to see everyone I miss so dearly! Before I left Virginia, I made a little something for some of my friends, initial charms for a necklace/bracelet/anything a charm will go on!  Of course, in the mad rush to the airport I totally forgot them. Sorry girls! I know, I know, I just ruined the surprise! Just pretend to be surprise and get excited because you’ll be getting some mail as soon as I get back to Virginia!

Anyways, they’re so easy and cost less than $1 each, you just have to make some for you and all your friends! Did anyone just have a flashback to the late 1990s and early 2000s when we were all making friendship bracelets for each other? I did. Also, I guess I shouldn’t say that that they’re such a cheap gift don’t worry y’all you’re totally worth more than $1 in my heart. Aren’t these so cute? But seriously, so cheap you can make them for people you don’t even like that much.


Let me show you how to make them…

What You’ll Need:

  1. pliers*
  2. wire – 16 Gauge – it comes in a 10 yard spool
  3. dish cloth

*Go to the jewelry section at Michael’s (or any craft store) and find the jewelry tools – get the 3 in one pliers – they should have a round end, a flat surface, and clippers (like the ones in the picture to the left).  

get all your supplies together…


cut a piece of wire about 2 inches long or so…


make a little loop on one end…

IMG_4875  IMG_4878

start to form your letter – use the dishcloth so you don’t damage the wire… and be confident – you have 10 more yards to mess will, it might take more than one time to get your letter perfect. TIP: For the round shapes I used a sharpie marker to form it around. 


keep working the wire until you form  the letter…


curl the end like you did in step one…


now make one for all your friends, be like Oprah with these things…


If the first ones aren’t perfect, keep trying, it takes some time to get used to how the wire bends. Once you get the hang of it, try some different shapes. I tried Texas… don’t try that. Notice, you don’t see it pictured here, do you? That’s because it’s in the trash. I’m going to keep trying though, I’ll let you know how it goes.

The fun part about it is that no two are the same. I think these would make the cutest bridesmaid gifts, graduation present, or just because present! Don’t you?