¡Viva Fiesta!

Guess what I have for you… Yep, another wallpaper or two, or four. It’s that time of year again! Put on every brightly colored item of clothing in your closet, shine up the biggest, sparkliest earrings you own, dust off the ol’ flower crown, and break out your maracas, IT’S TIME TO FIESTA! 

I’ve always loved fiesta. From the face paint to the shoe box float parade as a kid, and the insane amount of margaritas as an adult, any excuse to make and wear paper flowers is a good thing in my book. 

Since I love fiesta so much, I thought I’d throw together some more downloads for you! Think of these like a flower crown for your screens, necessary and obligatory for the next 14 days, if not all summer. 

VIVA FIESTA! I’d love to see a pic of your party, party screens. Send me a snap, message me on insta or facebook, tweet it at me, or leave a comment below! 

Fiesta. Siesta. Tequila. Repeat. Digital Wallpaper

phone | desktop


Eat the Tacos Digital Wallpaper

phone | desktop

Fiesta Like there’s No Manana Digital Wallpaper

phone | desktop

There’s No Time to Siesta, It’s Time to Fiesta Digital Wallpaper

phone | desktop

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