Monday Musings: My Fall Binge


I'm a notorious binge watcher. I like to think I get it from my daddy, heck let's be real, the whole family tends to indulge in a whole series or two on a regular occasion. Everyone always asks me what I'm watching now, I thought I'd share my current favs and my binge-worthy picks. Stay tuned – I'll be sharing my current favorite movies and my go-to podcasts soon!

Monday Musings

1. Trapped [Amazon]


Trapped is an Icelandic mystery series about a small "quite" town with amazing landscapes, a confusing murder, and a lead detective with a chapter-book backstory. There are plot twists left and right, and each episode has you begging to watch the next. I loved this Nordic noir and am so glad the series will be continuing next year. If you're into drama and murder mysteries, give Trapped a chance. I know that subtitles seem daunting at first, but 20 minutes in, you forget they're even there.  

2. Poldark [Amazon]


Don't let that romance novel cover fool you. This show is packed with more than just a simple love story. I'm a big fan of Masterpiece classics, and this one does not disappoint. Season 3 starts today and I CAN'T WAIT!! There's love triangles, family feuds, desperation, some laughs, and raw human emotion. What more could you ask for in a period drama?

3. The Night Manager [Amazon]


HELLO, TOM HIDDLESON! Honestly, that should be enough right there. This is basically a TV version of James Bond. From the music and the women to the intense suspense, breathtaking landscapes, and piercing eyes, this screams Bond, James Bond. Seriously, after watching this, if Hiddleson doesn't become the next Bond, I'll be seriously surprised. It's a short series, too short if you ask me, I just wanted MORE, MORE, MORE!

4. Lovesick [Netflix]


Finally, a comedy on my list – This one is for Tyler. This show is the perfect British comedy. Originally "Scrotal Recall" - I agree, they were killing themselves with that name - Lovesick follows the story of a guy who finds out he has an STD and feels he has a duty to let all his previous partners know. Each episode follows his journey of finding the girl, reliving how he met her, and then finally letting her know why he's looking her up. Needless to say, it's hilarious. The script is fabulous, and the cast is perfect together. It's the perfect "What should we watch" show.

5. The Bold Type [Hulu]


Where my girls at? Judge me, but I loved The Bold Type. I know that the reviews have been mixed, but I seriously fell in love with these girls. It might not be the new Gossip Girl, but it's definitely a nice replacement. It's been a while since I came across a teeny-bopper dramady that I was hoping for a second season. Gosh even if you just watch it for outfit inspiration, that's enough for me. 

What are you watching this fall? Any binge-worthy shows I'm missing?  If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear what you’re loving, what you’re wanting to see, etc. so send me a snap, message me on insta or facebooktweet it at me, or leave a comment below!