Day Drink if you want to…

Well… according to insta polls, you’re ready to get your drink on! This week I’m going to share my latest mocktail/cocktail creation. I’m loving this recipe because it’s great for a mid-day treat or a weekend day drink situation. It features a mint infused simple syrup and a little La Croix… I mean what could go wrong?!

Blueberry Mint Limonade Recipe

This is the perfect anytime drink because it features frozen blueberries, some lime juice, lemon juice, and a make a head and keep for as long as it lasts mint simple syrup. Not required is some fresh mint for a little garnish. Let’s start with the simple syrup - check out my simple syrup recipes. If you’re trying to cut some calories, you can replace the sugar for any low-calorie option that you’re using these days. Just make sure and double check the ratios per recommendations on the sugar substitute. I love having a little simple syrup on hand during the summer. It lasts forever, and it can be used in everything from cocktails to your afternoon ice tea or your morning coffee. Play around with the flavors and let me know what you try!

Now, let’s discuss the mocktail vs. cocktail options… I won’t judge if you want to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to this recipe. I love adding 1 oz. of tequila to this drink (hello SATX roots). However, if you’re more of a vodka/gin girl… that will work too. I could even see a little rum action if you’re a mojito fan. The real star of this show is the flavored sparkling water. If you don’t love a little bubble now and then, what’s wrong with you?! I love having flavored sparkling water on hand during the summer, this La Croix Berry is one of my go-to selections.

This drink is very lemon and lime forward. I love a good, tart drink as seen by my regular visits to Chick-fil-A for their diet lemonade. If you’re not into tart, cut back on the lemon and lime. Basically, evolve this recipe as you see fit! Cocktails like this are supposed to be fun, not intimidating.

La Croix Berry
Cocktail Set Up for Blueberry Mint Limonade Recipe
Blueberry Mint Limonade Cocktail or Mocktail

Blueberry Mint Limonade



1/2 to 3/4 oz mint infused simple syrup

1/4 cup frozen blueberries

1/2 oz lemon juice (half of a lemon)

1/2 oz lime juice (half of a lime)

6 to 8 oz La Croix berry sparkling water

1 oz tequila (optional)


Start with your mint infused simple syrup. If you like a sweeter drink, add a touch more simple syrup.

Next, layer in your frozen blueberries. With a muddler, press the blueberries slightly. Do not “muddle them” you basically just want to break the skins.

Give your lemons and limes a squeeze and give it all a little stir.

Layer in your ice. If you’re going to add tequila (or gin/vodka), do it now and give it all a nice little stir.

Top the rest of the glass with your sparkling water, and give it one final mix.

Garnish with a fresh mint sprig.

Blueberry Mint Limonade Recipe