Cause Baby You're a Firework

Whooo! Who doesn't love a three-day weekend?! I'm feeling like this one came just in the nick of time for me, what about you? My weekend was filled with firework watching from my living room, meatball making with my man, a truck load of berries, so many tomatoes Tyler asked for a tomato-less Sunday, Netflix watching, and lots of laughter.  Every weekend we're together, Tyler and I make an effort to get into the kitchen and cook together. He's the best sous chef a  girl could ask for and we have so much fun trying to dance around my tiny little kitchen. Also, when he has the knife, it's one less opportunity for me to cut myself, which happens way more than it should. This weekend we made fresh bison-elk meatballs and homemade tomato sauce. They were super yummy and so much fun to make! If you want the recipe let me know!


Tyler normally serves as my tester, he's so great at trying recipe after recipe and giving me honest feedback. I normally know when something is "blog-worthy" because my oh-so-willing tester makes sure there are no left-overs for the rest of the week! I'm slightly bummed there's no more meatballs (besides the ones I threw in the freezer...shhh... don't tell!) because this was a really good make ahead and take for lunch meal, oh well!

Meal Planing Tip of the Week: Put some "leftovers" in Tupperware before you bring it to the table. 

Does anyone else ever feel like they need a vacation after their vacation? Don't get me wrong, I love a good three-day weekend as much as anyone else, but that first day back to work is just miserable,  I am not looking forward to tomorrow, and I know I'm not alone. Everyone has to be exhausted from all the activities of celebrating 'merica so I've decided that I would share a few vacation remedies that will help get your through the week, keep the festive atmosphere going, and provide a little relaxation for those Monday blues. 

If you follow me on instagram, you know I've been all about the #drinkoftheday including infused waters, teas, and last but not least, lemonades. I thought I'd share the most 4th of July one with you this weekend, so first up on my list of vacation remedies...

Watermelon Lemon Limeade

To keep ya feeling like you're on holiday while you're sitting at your desk on pinterest, I mean catching up on all that work you have to do. 


Next up, while you're sippin' on that pink drank, plug in your headphones and relax to my chilling in july playlist




juice of 2 fresh lemons

3 tablespoons lime juice

handful of frozen watermelon

2-3 tablespoons honey

3/4 cup boiling water

2-3 cups ice cold water


combine the lemon and lime juice

add frozen watermelon

dissolve the honey in the boiling water

pour the boiling honey water over the frozen watermelon and stir

add cold water and stir