Coffee, Coffee, Coffee


For months I've been eagerly anticipating the Netflix release of Gilmore girls. FOR MONTHS! You know who is sitting here, still waiting to watch those quick-witted, fast talking Gilmore girls? This girl. This girl has still not seen the new episodes and I'm not happy about it. Every time I sit down to relax with my Gilmore sized cup of coffee, a big scoop of Coffee, Coffee, Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (recipe below), popcorn, and bounty of candy, something comes up! So no spoilers here guys... I'm still out of that Gilmore fanatics loop.

Of course I planned to watch it the day it came out, however I was in San Antonio, and every tv either had Mickey Mouse or some sort of sports team on it, so that was a no-go. I shouldn't complain, this Thanksgiving was my first one at home in about six years or so, and it was such a blessing sitting around the table with my family and friends. I was surrounded by love, good food, and endless laughter, so I didn't really even realize I was missing out on the Girls and all their crazy antics. 

When I realized that my original plans were out the window, I thought eh, no big. I knew I could just watch it when I got back to Houston in the comfort of my pjs, wrapped in my comforter, and snuggled on my sofa. Well, Monday came and went and then all of a sudden it was Friday! This weekend has been spent helping Ty study for finals, running errands, focusing on some client projects, and I just haven't been in the Gilmore mood. Since Tyler has tests Monday and Tuesday, I'm thinking tomorrow night and Tuesday are going to be my best options for my Gilmore marathon. It's a good thing I still have some of my Coffee, Coffee, Chocolate Chip Ice Cream to enjoy! 

I'm not alone in this Gilmore obsession... I have the internet and instagram, all y'all are Gilmore obsessed! It's okay, we're all in this together, where you lead... I will follow! So if you've downloaded a printable, listened to a playlist, bought a fan-girl shirt, purchased a mug with a quote from either Lorelai, and you vow to live a life inspired by their coffee addiction, this no churn ice cream is perfect for you! 

In an effort to prove even further I'm not alone, I've pulled together some of my favorite things from around the internet. From Pretty as a Peach's daily digital download, to Chelcey Tate Designs "I'd rather be in Stars Hallow" shirt and Carrie Elle's "Get your Gilmore on Bingo", we're all captivated with these ladies. Have you found and must have Gilmore items, share them below! So, as you finish reading this post, and start making this Coffee, Coffee, Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, I encourage you to put on this playlist of all the Gilmore songs, and jam along. 

Coffee, Coffee, Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

This no-churn ice cream would definitely make Luke cringe... so you know it's great. 



I love anything with 5 ingredients or less, so this one tops my simple dessert list!


Make your coffee so it can cool and be chilled before you add it to the ice cream base. I used a mixture of espresso and super strong coffee. 

Next you have to make the ice cream base. This base can be used in so many ways... I've done a couple of different variations, and it works perfectly every time! Check out the cake batter version, the blueberry cheesecake version, or the vanilla bean bourbon version

Now it's time for that COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE!

Add those chocolate chips... and anything else you want to throw in there. Channel your inner Rory and Lorelai Gilmore and get creative!


Next put it in a freeze safe container and enjoy! Tip: keep those empty espresso cans... they really come in handy!


I also put some in popsicle containers... that was a fail.


Let it freeze and serve with some yummy caramel and chocolate chips!

Comment below with your favorite Gilmore scene, episode, or quote!



2 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream

1 can condensed milk

2 teaspoons vanilla

8 oz extra strong, cold coffee


Whip the cream until stiff peaks form

Add the sweetened condensed milk and whip until incorporated

Fold in the vanilla

Fold in the chilled coffee or espresso

Fold in the chocolate chips

Freeze 6 to 8 hours or overnight