Drizzle of Joy

I have to admit... last week I had a little blogger burnout... maybe I just had a little EVERYTHING burnout. I guess burnout isn't the right word, I think I just over extended myself a little. Overextended isn't right either, I think that would imply that I wasn't happy with ALL of the things I was doing. I guess when I cut to the chase, I've been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. Last weekend was full of french toast making (I'll be posting that recipe soon), brunching, laughing, listening to T.S. over and over, and photography. I've been so busy taking pictures of cute picture-perfect families for their Christmas cards! It's been so much fun and it's made me realize, kids may look like fun, but I am not even close to ready to have one, they're exhausting and I'm only spending 30 minutes with them! They are cute though... 

Anyways, all that to say... sorry I didn't post last weekend. Thanks to my Mom for calling me out on it.

This past week I have been CRAVING a caramel apple. So, last night I had enough with the cravings and I whipped together some caramel.


This isn't just any caramel, this caramel has cinnamon and vanilla in it! Forget the sea salt (not really), this will be your new obsession. This recipe is super easy, and is so good on everything. Literally, I've put it on EVERYTHING since I made it last night. Okay, I didn't put it on my toast, but don't think it didn't cross my mind as I was pulling the bread out of the toaster oven. 

sidenote: did you know the difference between caramel and caramel? Carmel is just melted sugar and caramel is melted sugar and butter! Who knew?!

This caramel has such a nice almost burnt buttery taste to it, and the cinnamon adds just that hint of fall flavor. It paired perfectly with my sweet, tart honeycrisp apple. It most definitely satisfied that craving I've been having for the past two weeks.  Try it on ice cream or in your morning latte to give it that extra kick. You'll feel so fancy! Cue the music.



start with the basics, sugar, butter (at room temp.), and milk


next, get your vanilla and cinnamon ready... when you're making caramel you have to be careful and move QUICK! 


The slowest part of the process is melting the sugar... start with it in a single layer, as it starts to heat up, start stirring...


it's okay if it clumps up... it'll melt out eventually... get it moving...


once it all melts, it doesn't take long until it takes on this beautiful caramel color...


let the sugar melt and bubble for a bit, then add the cubed butter... be careful, this sugar is HOT.


stir until all the butter melts, then let it bubble a little while longer...


REMOVE FROM THE HEAT! and then stir in the milk... it's going to steam and hiss and bubble, just keep stirring! 


stir until it's all incorporated... then add the vanilla and cinnamon... mix it up until it's smooth...


let it cool a bit, then carefully pour it into a jar... as it cools in the jar give it a stir every once in a while, you'll start to notice it getting thicker and thicker. Let it cool completely in the refrigerator. 


serve and enjoy... on EVERYTHING, but especially COFFEE, ICE CREAM, and APPLES!





1 3/4 cup granulated sugar

1 cup milk

12 tablespoons butter - cubed and at room temperature

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 teaspoon cinnamon


using a heavy bottom pot, cover the bottom of your pot with an even layer of sugar

heat on medium heat until all the sugar is melted, stirring frequently

once all the sugar is melted and a nice caramel color, it should start bubbling, let it bubble, stirring occasionally for 5 minutes, if it starts to smell like it's burning, move to the next step

add the butter, and stir constantly until all the butter is melted

once the butter is melted, let the caramel bubble for 3 minutes

remove from heat and stir in the milk - CAREFUL! The sugar is SUPER hot, when you add the milk, it will bubble and hiss and steam...

keep stirring until all the milk is incorporated

add the vanilla and cinnamon, it will bubble again

stir the caramel and let it cool off a bit, then put in a heat proof/glass jar and let cool, stirring it every once in a while

once the mixture is cool to touch, let it finish cooling off in the fridge

once it's cooled completely, give it a couple of good stirs then drizzle on anything and everything!