[Guest Post] Cuba City Guide

Say Yes to New Adventures

A couple of years ago, Molly gave me a journal and the cover had the phrase “Say Yes to New Adventures” and it has been my go to traveling journal since. It’s so great to find friends who want to support you in all the things you love. I am so thankful that my life has enabled me to say yes to a new country (or more) every year. This blog post is a little overdue but better late than never. 

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The Cuban Adventure

I went to Cuba with one of my best friends Christine Diaz.  We decided to go through a tour company, Locally Sourced Cuba, and could not recommend it more!  They provided a great 6 Day Tour and we had the BEST tour guide Yohandro Sanchez.


Day 1

Travel to Cuba!

Day 2

Explore Havana

Day 3

Havana to Trinidad via Santa Clara

Day 4

Exploring the region around Trinidad

Day 5

back to Havana via Cienfuegos, Bay of Pigs

Day 6

Travel Home


I am excited to say that my next trip will be to South Africa with my brother.  Stay tuned for a trip filled with luxury and adventures around every corner!