Monday Musings: First Edition

So here's the thing... I'm not great at blogging. I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been a bit absent as of late, but I don't want that to be the norm. So, in an effort to really get more serious about this whole blog thing, I've really spent some time thinking about what I want to share with you, the goal of Capital Confessions, and how I want this blog to look heading into 2018.  I figure imitation is the best form of flattery, so I'm gonna imitate some of my favorite blogs, and start what I'm calling "Monday Musings", a weekly roundup of my current favorites. Each week I'll share with you some of my favorite things, from recipes I want to try, to DIYs that are on my to-do list to the songs I have on repeat, playlists I'm listening to, or movies I'm watching. 

You'll also be seeing some other changes coming later down the road, but my goal is to really dig into Capital Confessions and make it more a part of my daily weekly life, and yours too! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear what you're loving, what you're wanting to see, etc. so send me a snap, message me on insta or facebooktweet it at me, or leave a comment below! 

So here it musings for this Monday. 

Monday Musings

1. Must have to get the week started right...Trader Joe's Organic Cold Brew 

I love coffee, I'm about an 8 on the 1 to Gilmore coffee lovers scale. Each morning, I wake up, walk into the kitchen, and turn on my Breville Barista Espresso Machine. While it's warming up, I check my emails and then, before anything else, I make my coffee. The other day while I was doing my weekly shopping at Trader Joe's, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, this really cute little bottle of cold brew coffee. I thought, what the heck, why not! I grabbed it, and since then it's been on my weekly grocery list. One might say I'm obsessed. 

The flavor is spot on, rich and almost chocolatey.  The texture is smooth and full! Head to TJ's today and give it a try. 

2. I've searched and searched so you don't have to... The Perfect Everyday Glass.

For the past 6 years, I've had a mish mosh of glassware. Everything from the stuff I brought with me to college, to random glass sets I've found at TJ Maxx and Crate and Barrel Outlet. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I recently became an adult and bought some new dishes. I figured it might also be time to buy a full set of matching glasses too. I wanted a clean minimal look, something that could be used every day or at a dinner party, that could be thrown in the dishwasher, and used for any and all beverages of choice.

from left to right:Inspiration Provider, Camille StylesRENÉE KEMPS

I searched and searched, and finally found these Luigi Bormioli All Purpose Glasses. They are perfect! Thin rim, simple design, straight sided, and hold 15 oz! The perfect everyday glass. If you're looking for an everyday glass, check them out, they come in three different sizes!


high-ball 12 oz | old fashioned 12 oz | all purpose 15 oz

3. Monday Musings Playlist

On Monday I'm always looking for a great playlist to get me through the day. I decided, why not make one and share it with you! Each week I'll add some fresh finds, some old favs, and what I've got on repeat. 

4. DIY I want to try... or go ahead... just buy it. 

I've been obsessed with the round beach towels I'm seeing everywhere! Have you seen them? 

There are some great DIY tutorials out there: 

Not into DIY? That's okay... there are about a million options out there for you to buy one. 


Flamingos |Pineapples | Donuts | Anchors | Palm Leaves | Minimal Vibes

5. Afer you watch The Bachelorette... The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

Y'all. Amy Sherman-Palladino is back at it! Please watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel so that it gets picked up for a full season. You'll seriously be rolling on the floor laughing after the first episode. Set in the late 1950's this comedy hits all the right notes of funny and serious. If you love Gilmore Girls, you'll love this. 


That's all I have for now! Check back next week for some more Monday Musings!