Monday Musings: Gifts for Your Valentine

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Anyone else feel like life is just a constant question of "what gift am I going to get for the special people in my life this holiday?" Me too. We love doing the most #basic stuff for Valentine's Day, but this year I wanted to do something a little special and maybe you do too. So I thought, why not do a holiday gift guide? I've put together some of my favorite gift ideas whether you're in a serious stage and need a serious present or you're looking for something goofy and fun-loving, here are my top-gift ideas for whatever stage and price range. 

Monday Musings

1. Cute & Cheap

I'll admit... this is more my speed than my other suggestions. I'm loving the idea super cute “experience” rather than a physical gift for this Valentine’s Day. For instance, a movie night, fondu night, or indoor camping night might be a fun way to think outside the usual "dinner and a movie" date night. If you're gonna go with the typical prix fixe Valentine's, then shake it up with a cute and corny gift to go along with the box of chocolates and roses.


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2. Funny or Functional

You can go one of two ways and stay in a low to moderate price range – funny or functional, or I suppose a little of both. Take your pick with one of these for your Valentine.


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3. So Extra

It never hurts to be EXTRA now and then. I mean what guy doesn't want his own keg? Here are a few of my favorite, more extravagant items for that special person in your life.


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4. The Gift that Keeps on Givin'

I'm obsessed with subscription boxes. I seriously would subscribe to ALL the boxes if I had unlimited funds. Here are some that are in the top running for billing my credit card monthly. 


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5. #basic

You can always go the sensible route with a nice sweater, scarf, or BBQ equipment. Here are some of my favorite, #basic Valentine's Day gift ideas. 


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