Monday Musings: Hair, Skin, Nails – My New Favorites


Happy Monday y'all! I've been busy, busy planning for our 21 day road trip through the Rockies! Am I the craziest bride there is?! Possibly. This week I'm musing about my latest hair, skin, nail obsessions. I'm not much of a beauty blogger, and I'm not much of a primp-per, but I have noticed the importance of trying to take care of my skin, keeping my nails manicured and strong, and making sure my hair is well maintained as I get older.

Monday Musings

1. Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I'm obsessed with my Function Of Beauty shampoo and conditioner. I love the idea of personalized shampoo and conditioner, but it always seemed so overwhelming and expensive. Function Of makes it so easy, and is fairly reasonable for what you get. My first order lasted well over a year, I loved it more and more each time I used it. My curls are more defined, my hair is growing faster, it's less oily - I just love it! It totally hits the mark of everything I've been looking for in a shampoo and conditioner. 


TAKE THE HAIR QUIZ: Function of Beauty

2. Skin so soft

With age, comes terrible skin - why did no one tell me this?! I've noticed how bad my skin is getting/how bad I am at taking care of it. I've never been much of a primp-per, but I've always had pretty decent skin. I'm making an effort to take care of it, take vitamins, wash my face, etc. In the summer my skin is all over the place - dry one day, oily the next. I love my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - Skin Protectant. It's a great go-to for basically anything in my opinion. I use it from my head to my toes! 

ORDER SOME: 8 Hour 3 Piece Set

3. Hair on Fleek – is "Fleek" still a thing?

Kristen Ess, TAKE ALL MY MONEY! I'm obsessed with every product she has created. LOVE the beach wave spray - it's everything you need to keep your waves looking beach fabulous. The Air Dry Cream is a LIFESAVER with this Texas weather - heat and humidity? This stuff keeps your curls tame. I love it so, so, so much! Do you hate blow drying your hair because it takes way too long? The Blow Dry Spray will be your hero. Also show - the Thickening Spray and Water-Based Pomade – love both of these so much! Anyone else a Kristen Ess fan?


4. Get your nails did – or do it yourself... 

I'm a big fan of manicures. I'm one of those people that notices if your nails aren't trimmed, neat, and taken care of... I'm not sure why - I think it' might be because Weslyn Williams always told me I'm never too busy to have my nails done. Her nails are always perfect, and I'm keeping that family tradition going. I'm a shellac girl, but sometimes it's hard to dedicate the time to go get your nails done. I came across this OPI Infinite Shine set, and I have to say I'm a fan. It's not as good as shellac, but it's also not as damaging. It lasts so much longer than regular polish, and it stays shiny and professional looking days after application. If you come across it - give it a try! 


5. Keeping it soft and fabulous

I travel pretty often and that travel DESTROYS my hair. All the different waters, all the airplane air, all the dry shampoo - it leaves it feeling nasty. I was recently introduced to Trader Joe's Hair Mask. Y'ALL. This stuff is amazing. Stop what you're doing, go get it, and USE it. You'll love it.