Monday Musings: Boo!

You know fall is in full swing when you start seeing the Halloween decorations next to the Christmas ones... ??‍♀️ I'm not sure why anyone thinks that's appropriate, but apparently, every major retailer in America thinks it's okay. Me, I like to take things one holiday at a time. Which means, guess what we're talking about?! All things Halloween!  So growing up, we didn't celebrate Halloween. I don't know, ask Geralyn. ? Regardless, as an adult, I'm all about the pumpkin carving and insane amounts of candy. Also, Halloween is Tyler's favorite holiday to decorate for, so we're totally pulling out all the stops. So, this week for my Monday Musings, I'm sharing all my inspiration for this year's Halloween decor!  

Are you decorating for Halloween this year? I'd love to see what you pull together, so send me a snap, message me on insta or facebooktweet it at me, or leave a comment below! 

Monday Musings

1. Move Those Bones

First of all, get in that spooky spirit by listening to these Halloween Standards. Obviously, Michael is #1 on this playlist...

2. Sweet Treats!

I'm such a sucker for a candy store. There's just something about the vibe that takes me back to a simpler time when we'd go to the mall and stop by the candy shop and spend $20 dollars on gummy worms and jawbreakers. So anytime I see a cute candy display, I die! As I was scrolling through Pinterest for some Halloween inspiration, I came across these candy displays and I'm LOVING THEM ALL! I'm thinking something like this would make the cutest centerpiece for my kitchen island! What do you think?

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3. No Knife Needed

True story – last year was the first year I carved a pumpkin...ever! It was so much fun, but dang was it a lot of work! I'm thinking this year, I might go the no-carve route. Also, the idea of a pumpkin as a totally blank canvas is so fun to me! How do you feel about the no-carve pumpkins? Is it cheating, are they lame, or do you love them like me?

Studio DIY is killing it with the "pun-kins" am I right? Omg and their donut inspired ones are PERFECT. If you're looking for something a little more elegant, The Merrythought has you covered. How gorgeous is that crescent moon with fresh florals? Perfect if you're going with a black-and-white themed decor. Last but not least, Sincerely, Sara D is sharing three killer ideas! That mod podge one with the Rifle Paper Co. paper is screaming my name!

4. Spooktacular!

After spending 5 minutes on Pinterest I'm obviously obsessed with decorating for Halloween now. How cute are these rooms/ideas!? They're the perfect mix of spooky and elegant. Who even knew that was possible? 

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5. Monster Munchies 

There are so many fun recipes for Halloween out there to try. I came across these jack-o-lantern pumpkin hand pies and totally fell in love. I mean they are seriously the cutest! What a great idea for a Halloween party or get-together. They're the perfect on theme treat! Thanks to Acorns & Custard for sharing the recipe

That's all for now! I hope you get into the spirit of things and give one of these ideas a try!