Monday Musings: Just My Style

Well... who's ready for some Monday Musings on a Friday? ??‍♀️ It's been a long week... blame the Astros! #worldserieschamps!! This week's Monday Musings is all about my favorite trends, from fashion and interiors to trending music and tv shows. I'm hitting the high notes on my living room redo inspiration, talking about my obsession with tassel earrings, and other trending things I get enough of this week. It might be Friday, but I'm still musing like it's Monday.

Monday Musings

1. Tassels on Tassels

If ya know me, you know this is an understatement. I'm low-key obsessed with tassel earrings. Wear them anytime-anywhere, that's my motto. I was recently stopped in the streets for my "super cute" tassel earrings. Until that stops happening, I'm not going to give up this obsession any time soon. 


A DIY was on the list of "potential blog posts", but dang there are so many good DIYs already out there. I decided it was better to just bring all those style-filled DIYs together for you to peruse at your leisure. Give them a try... 

or shop my favorites below (all of which are under $10 and under... just saying)...

shop my favorites:


2. My Designer is Sick of Me...

And by designer, we all know I mean my famous, talented, wonderful grandmother. Yep, that's the one. The lady who brought us tuna and the best pork tenderloin you've ever had is also the most wonderful interior designer you've ever met. We're in the process of updating my living room via text message, and I think she might be ghosting me. ? I would probably ghost me too at this point. I haven't been able to lock down the vibe I'm going for quite yet. I've been pulling together some inspiration for her, and I thought I'd share it with everyone.

Check out more on my Pinterest page.

3. Classic Chai Recipe

I'm #basic. We all know this, but I'm gonna kick up my basic-ness and score some style points by making my own chai. Maybe I'm just looking for recipes at this stage, but it's coming. Stay tuned I'll be sharing my own recipe (one day). For now, I'm drawing some inspiration from Joseph Wesley and Emilie Eats.

4. My Monday Friday Musings Playlist

5. Must Watch TV: Ozark [Netflix]

HELLO JASON BATEMAN! Don't worry... you still got it. I know I'm a little behind on this one, but I'm loving it. Give me all the drama. Is it strange that I like comedies in summer and dramas in the fall? That has to be a thing...