Monday Musings: Oui, Oui Cheese Please!

I guess one would call me a Francophile.




  1. a person who is fond of or greatly admires France or the French.

Let's dig into this a bit, shall we? Let's begin with, why wouldn't you choose to love everything French? I'll break it down a bit for you.

  • croissants

  • baguettes

  • really all things butter and carbs


  • dogs

  • macarons

  • Cézanne

  • le creuset

  • wine

  • onion soup

  • wine

  • champs

  • Coco

  • chandeliers

  • butter... did I already say that? oh well.

  • Degas

  • bistros

  • cheese.


Case and point, what's not to love? In honor of this, this week's Monday Musings is focused on those certain things about the French lifestyle that I love and try to implement in my daily life. Here are a few of my favorite French things.

Monday Musings

1. Set the Mood

Before you can really dig deep into all things French, press play to listen to one of my favorite Monday morning playlists. 

2. Wine, Cheese, Cured Meats, Oh My! 

The standard Francophile's go-to evening meal, the charcuterie tray. We regularly indulge on wine, cheese, and cured meats around here. Boy, do I love a charcuterie tray! We're avid charcuteries and pride ourselves on a well-rounded board. Firm cheese, soft cheese, salami, pickled something or other, some fruit, and a great cracker or baguette to really round it out. 

There are some FABULOUS tutorials out there on what to include to create the perfect charcuterie.Cassie at Wholefully has a fool-proof step by step video. I love myself some step-by-steps! I love Oh Happy Day's Cheese Plate 101. Jordan does a great job breaking it down with some helpful tips and tricks! The Vault File has a great cheese guide! Cheese can be so intimidating, I love having a go-to breakdown of all the different types of cheeses. 

As you can see, there's really a science to it all. Taking everything, balancing flavors and textures, organizing everything in picturesque fashion on to a picture perfect board of some sort. 

3. A Few of My Favorite Things

I love a well-rounded cheese board. There are so many great tips above, but I think the biggest take away is mix it up! If you're going with a simple board, try some fun condiments to liven it up. If you're mainly going to have soft cheeses, add some crunch with some nuts, and finally, always throw on some green garnish. Below you'll find some of my favorite I in my pantry or fridge just in case I'm ever in need of a French afternoon.

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4. 5 % Organization, 10% Quality Food,  and 80% Ambiance

Okay, plan of action, check. Good food, check. Ambiance... all you have left is to set it all atop a perfect tray to finish it off. A true Francophile will have an arsenal of platters, dishes, etc. to pull together their perfect evening charcuterie. Have no fear, I have a few DIYs that should do the trick...

I'm in love with this marble and wood combo that Coco Kelley has created. The modern simplicity of it is perfect for any occasion. Almost Makes Perfect does a great job amping up an ordinary marble slab in her quick and easy DIY. I love the idea of being able to use the tray in multiple areas in the house. Check her out to see what I mean. Finally, who doesn't love some hand letter details? P.S. I Made This has an amazing tutorial that she teamed up with A Fabulous Fete to complete. I'm obsessed, this is going on my MUST TRY DIY list!

Something tells me though, if you're really going to play into this whole "French" thing, you're probably not going to DIY your uncomplicated disposition, so I've pulled together some of my favorite cutting boards and cheese tray babioles. 

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5. Petit a petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.

That effortless chic look that is so "French" doesn't come without a little intention. As the French say, "Little by little, the bird builds its nest." I'm going to take that a little more literal than they probably mean. 

As we all know, from last week, I'm totally inspired by Moroccan/Spanish/Moorish design, but right there with it is the uncomplicated elegance of the French. Don't worry, my designers* and I are already figuring out what "French Moroccan Design" looks like as it relates to my apartment decor. Stay tuned... 

Until then, here are some of my favorite French inspired wish list items. Seriously, I need that vintage champagne bucket.

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Passez une bonne journée!