Monday Musings: Roadtrippin'

We're hitting the road... Colorado here we come! Because of this I'm deep in the jungle of road trip must haves, car camping essentials, and everything in between. So for this week's Monday Musings I'm sharing some of my favorite finds. With everything from how to pack, to on the road snacks and what not to forget, this week is all about how to make the most of your (car) travel. 


Monday Musings

1. Turn Up the Tunes

You always have to have a great playlist when you're hitting the open road!

2. Snacks on Snacks

I love a good road trip snack. Obviously I like to keep some RxBars on hand whenever I'm hitting the road. I've come across some new snacks from Trader Joes – crispy broccoli and okra. They're a great replacement for chips! I keep PB in my purse at all times, the Justin's singles packs are perfect to have on hand on the road. What are some of your favorites? It's so hard to stay healthy while on the road. If you have any tips, share them below! 


3. Organization is Key

There is nothing worse than a messy car on a road trip. Am I the only one that gets super stressed when the car is a mess while you're on the open road? I love having a little place for trash, something to keep my cords organized, a place for everything and everything in it's place is my motto!


4. Beauty-ful Scenery 

One of the biggest things I've learned when traveling is that it's important to keep a semblance of a beauty routine, even while you're covering miles. I never leave the house without a makeup wipe, moisturizer, sunscreen, or lip balm. Have you ever tried the mini toothbrushes – pure genius if you ask me! Lotion is an obvious must have, and in my glasses filled world lens wipes are a must! 


5. Camping is In-Tents

... or in our case a camper. Here are some of the camping-specific things I like to have on a trip. Check out some of our other must haves here. I'm a mosquito magnet – and I love these bug repellent wipes. We're big game players on the road and Bannanagrams are perfect to throw in a bag or keep in the car console. We love a big stove top when car camping. Yes, cooking over an open fire is fun and all, but the stove just makes life easier. Do you have any must haves when camping? Share them below. 


Have any road trip suggestions? Leave them in the comments below.