Monday Musings Vol. 11 // May Moodboard

Okay… to be honest I’m not really sure where May even went. It was here and gone in the same week! But alas, I finally have my inspiration for the month. So it may be almost June, but this week I’m sharing my May Moodboard… better late than never I guess 🤦🏼‍♀️. This month I was inspired by all the soft tones of a spring sky. I love the soft tones of a late spring, early summer sunset. The blues just seem to pop, and the blush tones are marvelous.

My May Mood

  • I’ll admit, I’m in a blush and soft tone rut and I don’t want to leave it!

  • I’m still loving a basic white.

  • My love my denim and chambray everything does not seem to be fading.

  • I’m ever loving the mix of soft femininity and natural tones.

We will see what June holds for inspiration, I’m thinking something a little more vibrant. The Memorial Day vibes are already making me feel like I need and want a hot dog and some bomb pops ASAP!

What inspired you this month? Are you ready for the colors of summer?

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