Monday Musings Vol. 13 // Packing Prep – Morocco Edition

Y’all! This week is the week! We leave for Morocco in t-minus 4 days! I honestly can’t believe it, when we booked the flights, it felt like a lifetime away, and now, here I am getting all my outfits organized and checking off all my packing checklists.This vacation is the perfect combination of Tyler and I… let me explain. First, there will be pools and relaxation, something we both love. There will be winding mountain roads and desert adventures, also something we both love. Finally, there will be SHOPPING… see the perfect combination of us both! Since we’re in full packing prep mode, and I just thought I’d share outfits inspirations and some key items I won’t be able to live without while traveling.


I’m Gonna Be so cute!

Y’all I’m going to be living the best linen life ever. With temps varying from 100ºF+ to just over 60ºF, packing has becoming an interesting mix of layers. Let’s start with the fact that Morocco is an Islamic nation and tends to be culturally conservative. I’m one of those travelers that tries her best to adhere to social norms for the places I’m going, and Morocco will be no different. So, what does this mean? For the most part it isn’t much different then what I typically wear, except for the no shorts aspect. Ladies in Morocco most often cover their knees and shoulders, and keep everything fairly loose.

Artboard 1.png

My style inspiration is what I’m calling Minimal Indy Hip – basically a combination of a minimalist Indiana Jones and a natural fiber hipster. There’s a lot of linen in my packing cubes, and a lot of soft, loose fitting mix and match outfit combinations. Above are some inspiration outfits I’ve been trying to emulate when packing. In my mind I’ll be just as fabulous as these beautiful ladies.

In preparation for the I’ve made a few purchases. Mainly, in the linen vain. I found a few tops here and there, and some great pants that I can’t wait to live in on the trip, and when I get back. This trip has been a great excuse to make some shifts in my closet. I’ve been working from home for a while now, but I never really had good “work-from-home” clothes. I had a few athleisure pieces from fabletics, but wearing leggings everyday sounds better than it is… Sometimes I get bored of my “black leggings uniform” and I’m thrilled to be adding a few new pieces to the mix.

Are you the type that sticks with what you have in your closet, or do you make “for the trip” purchases when it comes to your outfits? I feel like some of my favorite pieces of clothes are things I’ve bought for an upcoming trip. There’s just something about going somewhere new, wearing something fabulous that makes life grand, isn’t there?!

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