Monday Musings Vol. 15 // For Your Man...

Normally on Mondays I muse about all my favorite things, things I’m loving, stuff that’s inspiring me, etc. This week, I’m gonna shift my focus on the sweet love of my life and some stuff he’s loving right now. My goal here is to remind all my favorite people (aka the people reading this), that every once in a while you have to shift the focus on to that other person in your life💕. Hopefully something from this list will inspire you to take a minute and do something sweet for the one you love. Time to get musing about all his current favs from mac and cheese to cheesy date nights.


Fill the Belly

Bon Appétit’s Adult Mac & Cheese

Y’all - this recipe will change your life. It’s by far the best mac & cheese recipe out there, and it’s SO.EASY. to make! Tyler loves a mac & cheese night, and I love to make the whole batch and then throw some in the freezer so he always has some on hand for late nights.



Looking Fly

Warby Parker Sunglasses

Is the love of your life a 4 eye stud like mine? Prescription sunglasses don’t seem like the most fun gift ever, but Tyler loves his! I feel like they’ve changed the outdoor game for him, and they were crucial for our Moroccan adventure. Plus, is there anything sexier than good eye health? I think not… 🤓😎

Linen is your summer friend

Tyler was recently introduce to the amazingness of linen, and now I can’t get him out of it. He loves how easy it is to throw on, how dressed he looks, and how breathable it is in all types of weather. I honestly think I’ve created a linen monster… here are a few of his favorites.

Tech Toys


Ty went wild with this on our latest fishing trip, and I’ll never go on another vacation without it!

Sony headphones

He did so much research… if your guy likes sound… these are the best!

Date Night at home


Cocktails at home

Ty is obsessed with this How to Drink YouTube channel… We seriously watch it all the time. If you’re looking for a laugh, watch this guy. His recipes are great, but the commentary is way more entertaining. He also has quite the collection of cocktail books. Because of his love of cocktails, I recently picked up an at home bitters making kit! We’re so excited to make some bitters together for a future cocktail night!

Sundae Funday

Another super fun idea we’ve done recently is SUNDAE night! I went and got all the fixins’ for the perfect ice cream sundae situation, and it was SO MUCH FUN! We had a blast loading up the bowl and trying all the concoctions.