Monday Musings Vol. 16 // Summer Staples

It’s August y’all! Can you even believe it? We have one more month of extreme heat, sweltering humidity, and summer sunsets. This summer we’ve spent time traveling, out by the pool, and just learning to love our new city. Here are a few things that have become new summer staples in our house, things we can’t live without, and the stuff that’s making summer a little more fun.


My Favorite Sunscreens

These sunscreens have been a go-to, almost daily in our house. Both are great for different reasons. The Neutrogena sport one is great if you’re going to be sitting by the pool and just need some basic SPF. I’m in love with the Raw Elements Tinted Moisturizer sunscreen because it covers flaws while moisturizing and protecting from the sun.

Wet bags are my Favorite

How did these things not exist before now?! I got a wet bag in my summer Causebox, and I’m obsessed. Old navy has some that are similar if you’re looking for the perfect addition to your travel/beach/poolside bag.

Bandana’s are life

If you’ve been around or you follow me on insta you know I love a bandana. While we were in the sweltering temperatures of the Sahara, I was so happy for this trend. There’s nothing better to catch all those glistening sweat droplets. Here are a few of my favorite finds from this summer.

Summer PJs

I LIVE in these Nordstrom pjs all year. This year, I splurged and went for the shorts and short sleeve version as well. I was kicking myself because I should have bought more then one pair… they are truly that fabulous. Then, while shopping for our trip, I found some similar ones that are almost as soft at Target! They’re basically a copy+paste of the Nordstrom version for 1/2 the price.

San Pellegrino for Life

We love ourselves some sparkling water around here, but man, have you tried the San Pellegrino version?! This stuff is way too good.

Love a summer Salad

We’re all about a salad these days. Sidenote: in my mind, it doesn’t have to have leafy greens to be a salad in my book. We’ve been loving a watermelon greek salad, it’s on repeat in our house, what about you? Are you a fan of fruits and veggies combined to create a great summer salad?