Monday Musings Vol. 8 // It's Peaked My Interest

Happy Monday friends! I’m on week two of travel, and I’m lagging behind on all things non-work related. We had a relaxing weekend that consisted of trip planning for our upcoming summer getaway, and sitting on the couch staring at our Netflix list. If you know me, I’m all about lists and getting things checked off one by one. I keep a list for EVERYTHING, including things I want to try, read, cook, listen to, etc., it’s like my things to consider list, and this week I’m going to share a few of the things on that list.

Just a San Antonio Girl…

Everyone’s Fiesta pictures are giving me major envy, and I’m craving anything and everything covered in cinnamon and sugar. Tyler loves a Hojarascas/Mexican shortbread. He had one right before we left for Virginia and he looked at me and said “Have you been holding out on me!? These are amazing!” I’ve been dying to get in the kitchen and whip up a batch. While I was recipe searching, I stumbled upon these recipes. I’m hoping to take them and adapt them for my own version. Once I get it right, I’ll post it for all your cinnamon covered dreams to come true too.

Read, Read, Read

When you’re traveling, it’s inevitable that you will see all the latest best sellers. Has anyone read any of these or have any great book suggestions? These are three are the next ones on my list. I’m almost finished with my current read, and I’m gonna need something else soon! Give me your suggestions in the comments.

Fashion Favorites

I feel like the older I get the harder it is to find cute, travel appropriate, office appropriate, life appropriate shoes. Anyone else feel the pain? Let’s be real, I’d live in my Jacks if I could, but there’s just something about traveling in a sandal that I don’t love. I also hate flip-flopping around the office. I’ve been doing some online perusing between my trips, and I really think I’m going to pull the trigger on one of these pairs… Anyone have any of these? Let me know your thoughts below!

I’ve been searching for a great white shirt. Any suggestions? I’m loving something a little more structured, linen possibly? I just need something I can throw on and be dressed, and for some reason this seams like an impossible task. If you have any ideas — share below!

I need a Chick-flic in my life!

There are way too many to chick flics to choose from on Netflix right now. Up next in my queue is Someone Great, and right after that is The Perfect Date. Have you seen either one? Are they great or totally lame or are they so lame they’re great!?