[Guest Post] Nashville City Guide

Amy's back! This time she's sharing her recent family fun in Nashville! If you're headed there soon and you're looking for something to do, Amy's got ya covered! 

A Little Knobloch Family Fun

Hey, Y'all!  It’s been a long time since I have guest posted for my sweet Molly but have no fears traveling is still a big part of my life.  This past year I have been so lucky to travel to multiple new places including London for a long weekend, Toronto for a work conference, with a little bit of being a tourist thrown in, and Nashville for a family vacation. 

My family has not been on a trip together since my college graduation, so this is something that had been in the works for many years.  But as most families are in life, we’ve been to be too busy to go!  I have done a lot of travel with my brother and dad, as you can see from my past guest posts, (here and here) but all five of us traveling was new. Not sure if I get this from Molly or Molly gets it from me, but I love a good list so the travel packing list was PERFECT to make sure I had everything before I left.


Day 1

The family all got to Nashville on a Friday night, and we checked into the sweetest house rented from turnkey. If you ever go to Nashville, I would highly recommend that you stay in the 12 South Area. 12 South is the cutest little strip of restaurants and shops surrounded by neighborhoods. Since we all know that Friday nights can be tough after working a whole week, we kept it casual and went to Edley’s for some BBQ, then had drinks at the 12 South Taproom.

Day 2

Saturday morning started off slow with hanging out as a family and getting doughnuts from Five Daughters Bakery.  WOW! They do not disappoint. As an avoid doughnut lover, I can say that they were some of my favorite.  The doughnuts are little more like a cronut with over 100 layers of dough. We tried four different doughnuts (obviously) to get the full experience: pumpkin spice, blackberry, chocolate sea salt and maple bacon. 

The rest of that day we walked around downtown. When I say walk, I really mean meandered, as I didn’t have a real path in mind, and my family followed me.  That is my favorite way to experience a city is having places in mind that you want to see but no real plan to get there. 

Of course, we had to go to the typical Nashville sights like Ryman Auditorium, Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge, Broadway Avenue, Country Music Hall of Fame and the Tennessee State Capital.  Saturday afternoon and evening was all about the Grand Ole Opry.  First, we went on a backstage tour, then we saw a show.  To be honest, I was not sure what to expect when it came to the actual show, but it was super fun! It’s still live on the radio every Friday and Saturday night!

Day 3

On Sunday we started the day with biscuits from Biscuit Love.  One thing you should know about me is that breakfast food is by far my favorite so I am always in for a real breakfast, but it doesn’t happen often.  After breakfast, we went on a walk around Radnor Lake, rumor has it that Connie Britton has gone on walks around the lake, but guess we were short on luck, we didn’t see her. 

On our way back driving along 12 South, I noticed that Amelia’s Flower Truck was out.  Ever since I met Mattie at a wedding last year, I have been following the Instagram and dreaming of the day that I would finally get to stop by.  The rest of the afternoon was spent at the Belle Meade Plantation, where they used to breed thoroughbred horses and now has a winery on the property. 

A trip to Nashville would not have been complete without going to the Bluebird Café to see a show.  The place holds about 90 people so it really becomes a fun intimate show.  Maybe Sons of Daughters will become famous one day and I can say I saw them when they were first trying to figure it all out. 

Day 4

Unfortunately, it was supposed to rain all of Monday, and the weatherman was actually correct.  We started the day with Proper Bagel (seeing any theme of my love for breakfast foods?!).  Then we went downtown to go to the museums, including the Johnny Cash and Country Music Hall of Fame.  We spent hours at the Country Music Hall of Fame and had to stop about halfway through to get lunch. 

In the afternoon, I dragged my family to Barista Parlor for an afternoon pick me up.  In classic Amy fashion, I wanted to meander my way back to downtown and lucky for me my dad was up for it.  We stumbled upon the Nashville Union Station Hotel and “What Gives you Wings” Mural. The old train station turned into a hotel was just breathtaking and I would highly recommend walking out of your way to get there.

That night the “kids” treated our parents to dinner at The Farm House.  It was delicious farm to table food, and a bourbon drink was calling my name to start.  We could not leave Nashville without going to one bar on Broadway Street so we ended up going to Honky Tonk Central to soak up some country music to finish the night.

Day 5

Tuesday was a buffer day since we were not sure how long things were going to take us.  We started the day at Pancake Pantry, and my love for pancakes just continued to grow. I had the banana bread pancakes, and they did not disappoint.  If I could have pancakes every day for breakfast I would in a heartbeat. 


That day we went to Centennial Park, Parthenon, Bicentennial Capital Hill Park and the Farmer’s Market, we learned a little about Tennessee history, and just enjoyed the last day with the fam.

I would highly recommend taking the time to go on a trip with your family.  Time just looks a little different when you are with your family and it is not centered around the holidays.  Even if it’s a quick 2-night trip, its fun to be with the whole family and just be adults together.