Let's Get #BASIC.

Truth: I'm as #basic as they come. As basic as peony wallpaper makes a person.


I eat avocado toast like 3 times a week, I use "obvs" as an actual word, I won't even deny that I watch everything on Bravo (and freeform), honestly, everything can be solved by just dancing it out, I regularly wear pink just because it's Wednesday, LC is #goals, Monday nights are reserved for one thing, and that Victoria Secret fashion show is the secret to my winter bliss! 

So, you can only guess why June, albeit way too hot for anything other than being indoors, is my favorite month. Yup. That's right. P-E-O-N-I-E-S. As I sit here and watch the last of my Trader Joes peonies wither away, I am way too sad to see them go. I know, if you're as #basic as me, you are too. Have no fear. I've got us covered. 

Say hello to some peonies that won't be going anywhere. Forever available for all your screens, here are my summer peony backgrounds.

LET'S GET BASIC! I'd love to see a pic of your #basic screens. Send me a snap, message me on insta or facebook, tweet it at me, or leave a comment below! 

Peonies for the Minimalist

desktopphone//double | phone//single


Peonies for the Peony Enthusiast 

desktop | phone


Top Down Approach



My Personal Favorites