Capital Confessions


The Mountains Are Calling

On the road again… This time with my sweet momma! Last month, my mom and I hit the road for the perfect Thelma and Louise, mother-daughter road trip. We hit 3 states in 3 days, laughing, crying, and we boomeranging from Denver to Salt Lake.  We had great food, some luxury treatment,  ...

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Recipe, Sweet

Brownies for my Boo

So found something out new recently… apparently, my sweet boyfriend likes brownies? ??‍♀️ We’ve only known each other close to a decade and this whole time I thought he didn’t like them… who knew? He’s a big fan of the gooey brownies so this year for his  ...

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Fall, Freebies

Fall Y’all

Sorry y’all! These fall downloads are a little late in the making… #sorrynotsorry my life has been BUSY. Better late than never am I right? These fall downloads were a huge hit last year, so I hope you love the new ones as much as you did the last. Get ready to fall-ize all the  ...

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Recipe, Savory

It’s a Chickpea Chickadee!

I’m a snacker. I love snacks. I’d rather eat snacks all day long then real food 3 times a day. I don’t discriminate when it comes to snack foods, anything from celery and PB ants on a log to popcorn and charcuterie. If you’re an avid reader of Capital Confessions, you  ...

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